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how does it affect me?

Skin is the largest organ and accounts for 10% of body mass. It acts as a barrier, but also a sponge, and when a chemical penetrates our skin and is absorbed into our bodies it may be converted into another chemical form, be metabolized, or accumulate. Many of the products in the market contain ingredients that in a single product only carries a negligible amount of the harmful ingredients which themselves wouldn’t cause serious side effects. However many of us use up to 10 or more personal care products on ourselves daily. That negligible amount begins to grow, and continued long term exposure can quickly escalate.

how does it affect the environment? 

By choosing natural and organic, you support the manufacture of cleaner products from the harvest, to manufacturing with less waste, and using eco-friendly containers. All of this helps to promote a healthier planet. 


Natural vs. organic

The difference between a label of "natural" versus "organic" comes down to regulation. While we do carry lines that are entirely organic, we also carry lines that are plant based, and naturally derived that are free of any potentially harmful ingredients. 


Why shop Sentrel?

We have done the research for you so that you can trust every product on the shelves at Sentrel Natural Beauty Store will be safe for you and your family.

You can feel good about contributing to decreasing our impact because we only carry brands that ethically source their ingredients, use environmentally sustainable materials, and do not test on animals. 

Sentrel takes great care to curate a beautiful selection of self care products that offer a luxurious experience at affordable prices, deliver incredible results, and help reduce our carbon footprint.