Why Green is the New Black

Green Beauty is in right now, as it should be. Making conscious choices and taking care of ourselves and our planet should always be on trend. And thank goodness, because we’re done with baking soda shampoos and apple cider vinegar rinses. With the heightened interest in naturally sourced and sustainable self-care, companies are challenged to come up with products that deliver results with minimal impact.

The Sentrel Team got together with photographer, Elizabeth Adams, at Native Hostel in Downtown Austin to create gorgeous runway looks with green products, and the results were magic.

money shot small copy.jpeg

The hair was classic with a more modern finish- roller sets with little volume in the crown and massive lift through the ends. We used Kevin Murphy and Eufora to create wearable, styles that were gleaming with allure.

Kevin Murphy is a professional hair care line that was created for this kind of session work. It’s workable and flexible which makes it perfect for creating multiple, long lasting styles. The kind of performance you need if you want to wear a blowout for two.. maybe three days (with the help of FRESH.HAIR dry shampoo, of course).

We chose to work with Kevin Murphy not only because of its ability to deliver incredible results, but also because of the choices they make. By 2020, Kevin Murphy will use 100% recycled ocean plastic to bottle their products.

We also used Eufora to create these looks, a beautiful line that utilizes Certified Organic Aloe instead of water along with nearly 100 different natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable. Thats right, INSTEAD of water, meaning every product is concentrated and incredibly soothing.

One of the reasons I’m so in love with this line is because every product is so clean and nourishing, several of the products are excellent multitaskers. The shampoos are great body washes, serums can be used on your face, and Sculpture, a light styling glaze, is incredible for applying to sun burns. It is 80% aloe!

To create a natural yet glamorous make-up look, Brittany Craig used an assortment of cosmetic lines, relying mostly on Eleve Cosmetics. This Austin-based line has a beautiful range of products that conceal, treat, hydrate, prime, and protect. (You know I like products that multitask!)

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So yes, we’re all here for the green beauty with results. Come into Sentrel to learn about how you can clean up your beauty routine, and comment below with your favorite green beauty finds!

Sarah Bensley Co-founder

Sarah Bensley