The Journey to a Cleaner Lifestyle

The journey to detoxing my life began almost 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with
Hodgkins lymphoma, stage 4 at 29 years old. I was one of the lucky ones and today I frequently use my second chance at life to talk and teach others what I now know about living a cleaner life.

I used to think if I ate “well enough” and exercised that would be enough to sustain a healthy body and put my physical stasis back on track. As it turns out that
is just the start of it. As my health returned I turned my attention to what I was putting in my body as well as on it. I began to really look closely at what I was eating and look closer at my food! I started reading the labels and ingredients and I mean really reading every single ingredient. Armed with determination to eat as clean as I possibly could I erased all process foods from my diet and adhered to Louise Hay’s theory – “if it grows, eat it.”


At the same time I turned to the ingredients on every product I was using in my own self-care regime. The first product in my vanity to change was deodorant. The human lymph system headquarters is under the right armpit - where I found my first lump. Next was my toothpaste, body lotion and oils. Skin is our largest organ and our greatest protector. Looking at the list of volatile and toxic chemicals used in beauty products was crushing. Lastly I replaced shampoo, conditioner, and cosmetics. 

It’s been a long journey and one that still continues to evolve. Systematically replacing food and beauty items with cleaner options is doable. Every day when I wake up I make a conscious and intentional decision to invest in my health through a clean diet and remain vigilant about what goes on my skin. I hold this true for my clients as well – enough so that Sentrel Natural Beauty was born and stands as a beacon for people who are ready for a greener lifestyle.

James Bryant Co-founder

James Bryant