Sentrel Beginnings

My journey to Sentrel began when I noticed swollen lymph nodes. I immediately turned to co-owner and personal mentor James Bryant who is a survivor of stage 4 lymphoma. I asked him for advice and guidance as he was well into living a clean lifestyle through diet and personal care practices.

First I turned to my diet. I started with no processed foods, no gluten and no dairy. I then moved onto my personal care products with antiperspirant being the first to go. That was the scariest for me as my profession is often very physical and demands a great deal of me. I moved onto the drug store lotion that was full of parabens and problematic preservatives, the heavily fragranced body wash, and would continue to work through every other category of my personal care repertoire. 

Finally, it was time to clean up my professional products. I was done with keratin treatments, ammoniated hair color, and anything else that wasn’t safe for my clients or me. This is the moment when Sentrel Natural Beauty was conceived and became a shared passion.

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James and I began to seek out what other product lines were available that are also clean and safe, while remaining effective. We realized there was a huge emerging market of clean beauty brands and that many were being started right here in Austin. James and I decided we had to show our friends and clients what was out there, and that led us to form the Sentrel Principle. Everything that we would bring in to our store and use on our guests would HAVE to be safe and yet effective. We only partner with brands that share our mission of sustainability because we also believe in the preservation of our planet and of course, everything must be cruelty-free. 

Currently we carry 10 Austin-based brands and continue to curate local and national clean beauty makers. We’re a full service salon utilizing Kevin Murphy color, which is plant based, ammonia free and offers incredible results while maintaining the integrity of the hair. 

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For a complete list of services and product lines that we currently offer please visit or stop in and we will introduce you to Austin Monthly’s voted “Best Natural Selection” 

Sarah Bensley Co-founder

Sarah Bensley